Flipping the Bird Trophy

Posted: February 08, 2023
Flipping the Bird Trophy
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Tell me without telling me you'd like me to F off. That's the essence of this otherwise handsome Bird Trophy - no, Flipping the Bird Trophy - from Uncommon Goods.

Of course, the engraving, "Two Words. One Finger." makes the sentiment a bit more obvious, but without it, your boss / frenemy / Aunt Jan / Congressional representative probably wouldn't understand the Bird Trophy at all. I mean, one reason you want to tell them, "F you, go F yourself" is that they're stupid and ignorant, right? Without the hint, hint of "Two Words. One Finger." they'd probably think the Flipping the Bird Trophy was just a nice gift of a handsome, golden-hued tweety. Maybe their state bird, or a bird symbolizing wisdom, even. They would make a note to Google it later.

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