Duck with a D*ck

Posted: February 05, 2022
Duck with a D*ck
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Rubber Ducky, you're the one / you make bathtime so much...yeeearrrggghh! WTF was that, Rubber Ducky? This is bathtime, not hey diddle, diddle, duck in my bunghole time! A duck with a dick?! Do ducks even have dicks?! Hold please.

According to the internet, yes indeedy they do. And, believe it or not, they look even more wack than the human male penis this Duck with a Dick has dangling from his undercarriage. They look like an earthworm. A long one. A disturbingly long earthworm. In fact, while I'm sure this sunny yellow Duck with a Dick is intended as a prank or gag gift for your most deserving recipient, I think if you really want to make them gag, a photograph of a real duck and his dick would serve your purposes much, much better.

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