Deluxe Dutch Oven Kit

Posted: February 05, 2021
Deluxe Dutch Oven Kit
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Nothing says, I love you to the fiercest farters in your life like a Deluxe Dutch Oven Kit. Hahaha, you might think, this is such a clever gag gift! Everyone's gonna have a good laugh at The Dude when he opens it, and we'll go around sharing stories of how we have all been blasted by his flatulence.

But the joke will be on you, gift-giver, when The Dude actually uses the Deluxe Dutch Oven Kit's Fart Blanket to cook up some real gourmet treats to ghost you with.

And by "ghost" I mean: 1) Casually let loose without sound or spectacle in the otherwise unoccupied room you're in, as if the stank bomb were released by a ghost; and 2) Open the lid to his dutch oven by pulling the Fart Blanket down over your head, thereby making you look like a costumed (and gagging) ghost. Boo! and Boo-ya!

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