Collapsible Middle Finger

Posted: December 16, 2023
Collapsible Middle Finger
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The wind up F you is one you'll always have, er, on hand and all, but this Collapsible Middle Finger accessory will make an even bolder statement when used to pepper your gestures and enhance your communication skills. Tie a big red bow around its wrist, and turn the telescopic bird into a festive and feisty addition to your holiday decor! And now you can raise both a glass and a finger to bid farewell to 2023, and welcome in 2024, a year sure to be a shocking shitshow of heretofore unseen proportions.

Ugh, 2024. Election year. I think I'll have to alternate between using Spook 3D Crafts' Collapsible Middle Finger to flip other people off, and using to make myself vomit.

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