Cheat Sheet for Men

Posted: December 15, 2015
Cheat Sheet for Men
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No, dudes, the Cheat Sheet is not a wallet-sized card designed for recording all of your transgressions (though that probably exists somewhere out there too). In fact, it's almost the opposite: a wallet-sized card for recording all of the vital stats about your wife or girlfriend. The ones that will make her think you noticed, listened, remembered, and care. The ones that will serve as your paddle whenever your boat starts drifting dangerously close to shit creek.

Cheat Sheet seller Appear Thoughtful (heh, heh) calls the card an "epic life hack" and "protector of humanity" for its consolidation of information ranging from your lady's ring and bra size, to her favorite flower and perfume, to her birthday, birth stone, and your anniversary date. There are also a few fill-in lines for the "Other Things You'll Forget."

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