The SoundPad Tablet Stand

Posted: November 04, 2014
The SoundPad Tablet Stand
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From an enhanced theater experience with stadium seating and IMAX screens to an enhanced theater experience with airplane seating and your tablet screen. SoundPad is further proof that while we like things really big, we also like them really small. It's a stand made to optimize tablets' audio and video output, seeking to turn any setting into your personal rock concert or immersive movie-viewing bubble.

When not in use, BiONN's SoundPad looks like your average Transformer--compact, portable, and easy to tuck away in a backpack or the pocket of the seat in front of you. Unfolded, it props Android, iOS, or Windows tablets at your ideal, adjustable viewing angle while the speakers jutting from its legs deliver 5-watt stereo from 4 audio membranes to create a surround sound effect. In addition to music and movies, the SoundPad also lends itself to hands-free FaceTiming. Because you might need your hands for...other things...while FaceTiming.

SoundPads can also connect to NFC-enabled audio devices with a tap of the tablet's touchscreen. Rechargeable battery use time runs around 8 hours.

SoundPads are running as a Dude Exclusive at nearly 60% off retail price for a limited time.

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