SubPac M2 - Immersive & Tactile Audio Vest

Posted: March 13, 2016

Some people are born with music in their heart, rhythm in their bones. I was born tone deaf and with the dance skills of Doug and Steve Butabi head-bobbin' at the Roxbury. Maybe it's because just hearing music isn't enough for me. Maybe I need to learn to feel the music. Like, with a wearable audio vest that looks like a cross between body armor and a CamelBak.

The M2 isn't SubPac's first trip to the tactile audio rodeo. But their next generation vest does feature a complete physical redesign of the company's original, plus improved hardware, including tactile transducers and vibrotactile membranes. SubPac's intended effect? "Powerful and accurate physical sound in a wearable form factor that is quiet to the outside world."

Suit up in an M2 and experience sound not only pumping in your ears, but also resonating as vibrations throughout your entire body. The immersive bass effect stems from a low-profile tortoise-shell-like apparatus pressed against your back and secured with straps that snap together at the chest. Music player or smart devices can connect to the M2 via a 3.5 mm jack or Bluetooth 4.0 for more freedom of movement.

In addition to playing / rocking out to music, SubPac recommends its vest for gaming, home theater immersion, and VR escapades. During use, no one will hear or feel the SubPac M2 in action but you.

Additional SubPac M2 specs include:

  • Frequency response: 5 Hz - 130 kHz
  • Battery: 10.8V, 2300mAh Li-ion, 6+ hours per charge
  • Fabric: nano silver treated materials for bacteria / odor control during active use.
  • Weight: just over 5 pounds with the battery installed

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