OMA K3 Cast Iron Turntable

Posted: October 09, 2021
OMA K3 Cast Iron Turntable

Girl, put your records on...but don't try to move the record player. The platter alone on OMA's K3 cast iron turntable weighs over 30 pounds.

Oswalds Mill Audio spent 7 years on a mission "to create and redefine state of the art for vinyl playback." The result is a turntable that looks, to me, like a cross between brutalist architecture, 80s punk, and a construction crane (kudos go to Berlin's Frank Schroder for the tonearm). And that's not even the most interesting thing about the K3. That title goes to its cast iron chassis.

The turntable chassis is shaped from hypo eutectic gray iron with high graphite content, and then molded again on the inside with hollow chambers. OMA has filled those chambers with "special" liquid and other matter chosen for their abilities to dampen and absorb vibrations.

The K3 motor also demands attention - it's built from components the US military uses in their anti-ballistic missile defense systems, along with parts from nano manufacturing and photo lithography machines ,and deep space telescopes. OMA says the combination has produced "a motor more powerful than anything ever used on a turntable."

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