Mother Earth's Plantasia - An Album for Houseplants

Posted: January 31, 2023
Mother Earth's Plantasia - An Album for Plants
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If Mother Earth's Plantasia, an actual album recorded with 10 actual songs for houseplants, sounds like some hippie dippie stuff from the 70s, well. That's because Mother Earth's Plantasia is indeed some hippie dippie stuff from the 70s. If you've got any snake plants or African violets still around from 1976, they'll probably remember it well. Ask them about it.

Mother Earth was a plant shop on Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles, and in 1976 all of its customers got to take home a copy of Mother Earth's Plantasia along with any plant purchase. (Apparently, and inexplicably, Sears would give you one too if you bought a Simmons mattress from them.)

Mort Garson takes the credit for composing Plantasia's collection of original, plant-whispering tracks, described as both "warm earth music" and "decidedly unscientific tunes," and all recorded on the Moog. His inspiration was his wife, a green thumb and houseplant fanatic. According to Garson's daughter, Day Darmet, her mother "didn't believe in organized religion, she believed the earth was the best thing in the whole world."

And so with Plantasia, both the earth and Garson's lady have an album to honor them.

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