MAG-LEV Audio ML1 Levitating Turntable

Posted: August 11, 2018
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MAG-LEV Audio's ML1 levitating turntable gives vinyl enthusiasts a reason to keep their eyes open even as they get lost in their old Sex Pistols albums or throw on a Bob Marley record to chill with a fat joint on the couch. The centerpiece of this modern and minimalist turntable is a floating platter that spins suspended by magnets as the ML1 plays your tunes.

MAG-LEV Audio ran a very successful crowdfunding campaign for the ML1 at the end of 2016. Like many campaigns, what followed that success was numerous design and manufacturing issues, a draining of funds, and multiple delays. To date, most crowdfunding backers have not received their turntables, but MAG-LEV Audio has started selling them to the general public to raise enough money to complete production and shipping to backers.

Obviously, backers are annoyed. But in fairness to MAG-LEV Audio, who at least seem to be transparent and honest about their process and efforts, they are direct-selling the turntable now for about $2,900, while backers pledged between $800 and $900 for theirs. At printing, MAG-LEV had backers slated to receive their levitating wonders in the next several months.

All this is to say that if you have an extensive vinyl collection, and $3 grand to drop on a turntable with a floating platter to show it off on, the ML1 still seems like a legit, if not time-tested, product.

You can check out how the ML1 turntable works, and what the levitating platter looks like spinning in levitational action, in the video above.

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