Japanese Finger Piano

Posted: March 14, 2012
Japanese Finger Piano

Android meets virtual reality meets music meets...cat. Does the Finger Piano really need the Japanese qualifier for anyone to guess where it's from? One note per finger, plus three notes on the wrist, equals a full octave of melodic interpretations of "Twinkle, Twinkle" and "Do a Deer" shooting from the palm of your hand. Just press fingers to a hard surface, and wrist buttons to your free hand's fingers, and let any of the three preset volume levels and sound effects rip.

Sounds include the basic piano bank, a collection of bells, and--the coup the grace--an octave of cat. Yes, as in kitty cat. Genus Felis. Scales, chords, a handful of dissident notes, the wrist piano lets you play them all in the whiny, grating tenor of meow. Drive your dog insane, drive your friends insane, drive your real cat to spray you in the face while you sleep!

The Japanese Finger Piano slips easily onto the wrist and fingers, and operates with 3, LR44 batteries (not included). Its portability, and especially its feline musicality, make it an ideal companion for long flights and stints at jury duty. "Meow Mix Theme" anyone?

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