Muscle Suit Every - Exoskeleton for Heavy Lifting

Posted: November 19, 2019
Muscle Suit Every - Exoskeleton for Heavy Lifting
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The Muscle Suit Every is gonna be that forever positive and optimistic friend who's always telling you to lighten up, dude! I mean, the couch only weighs 450 pounds, and it's only the 3rd time your wife has asked you and Cornelius to move it to a different wall in the living room after she got a whim to rearrange the furniture. But unlike other positive and optimistic friends, the Muscle Suit Every's encouragement will be far less annoying, because this wearable exoskeleton is actually going to help you out with the heavy lifting.

A lot.

The Muscle Suit Every is a soft-fit brace designed to help wearers lift and carry heavy objects. Using an air pump and pressure system instead of batteries or motors, the exoskeleton reduces the feel of lifted objects' mass by up to -25.5 kilogram-force. The technology - "pneumatic artificial muscle technology" - isn't new, but this application endeavors to make it more readily available for commercial / industrial, as well as home use.

The Muscle Suit Every's air pump is located and activated at the waist, so wearers can fill it easily, as well as stabilize their strength at the core, and maintain support for the back and thighs as they lift and move heavy loads.

The exoskeleton itself weighs around 8-1/2 pounds, and maker INNOPHYS produces the Muscle Suit Every in 2 sizes.

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