JHO Knives Le Finger Spike

Posted: April 13, 2021
JHO Knives Le Finger Spike
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Pick your nose with Le Finger, and then pick your teeth with the steel spike hidden inside it. ... Yes, you're right. That spike looks a little too thick to be an EDC toothpick. But also a little too slim for shotgunning a beer. A little too pointy to be a marlin spike. Not made of wood or silver, so vampire slaying is out. Hmmmm [strokes chin with Le Finger]. Whatever could you use it for then?

JHO Knives leaves that decision up to you. Like the brand's sexy BLITZ Tool and scary AF (thats "as fish) F**H Spiked Club, Le Finger comes with le scant information on its design background and purpose. What I do know is it's a sculpture of a human finger cast in brass, and finished in your choice of tumbled shiny, matte aged, or black. If I had one I'd probably give it to my mama for Mother's Day so she could use the spike to aerate her lawn and the finger to point at the neighborhood kids to get off it.

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