Prosthetic Dragon Spikes

Posted: October 02, 2015
Prosthetic Dragon Spikes

Is there a word for when something is equal parts disturbing and smokin' hot? That's what I'd like to call the image of this lady wearing Dragon Spikes. Their mutant effect is remarkable, somewhere between mythical miracle and hideous skin disease, right down to that fleshy bottom point that looks like it's just about to sprout. Kudos to Ida Astero, who doubles as master of the Atelier that designed and executed the Dragon Spike prosthetic, and star of the Awakening the Dragon project. You can see how a slab of silicone rubber transforms into a trademark anatomical feature of a fire-breathing lizard here.

The prosthetic Dragon Spikes arrive unpainted and ready to apply. You'll need prosthetic adhesive and 95% alcohol for that, the latter to melt the thinnest edges of the silicone so it blends naturally with your skin. Astero recommends using skin illustrated palettes for painting to become the most realistic Spawn of Smaug you can. Prosthetics also include detailed instructions for application.

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