Hurricane Fog Machine

Posted: October 16, 2015
Hurricane Fog Machine
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It's October, which means Halloween is coming, which means it's the one time of year you don't have to be re-enacting an 80s music video to use a fog machine in your home. (Not that re-enacting an 80s music video isn't a great reason to get a fog machine too.) This Hurricane Fog Machine from Chauvet has all the best features of a fog machine--namely, it makes fog--and can turn your living room into a spooktacular party space for less than a ticket to one of those giant Freak Night raves full of creepy people you don't know wearing creepy costumes like this.

The Hurricane machine is compact and lightweight, designed to create thick, billowing wafts of fog from water-based solutions. Use it with lights to enhance the show, or up your ambient eeriness even further by pairing it with this trio of fog-breathing zombies.

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