Gotta Go Poncho - Disposable Poncho Toilet

Posted: November 25, 2018
Gotta Go Poncho - Disposable Poncho Toilet
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I wonder how much Gotta Go Poncho had to pay that young lady to look pleasant modeling a wearable portable toilet. And calling it a "wearable portable toilet" is me being generous. Broken into parts, the Gotta Go Poncho is one part garbage bag with a hood and sleeves, and 2 parts garbage bags with loop handles and a parachute bottom. The first drapes over your body for "privacy." The second you cup under your keister or crotch so you can, you know...

...take a whizz or a dump from virtually anywhere! Because sometimes you just gotta go.

And when the gotta going is complete, well, if you have a dog you know what to do: tie that baggie up tight and dispose of it responsibly.

Additional thoughtful Gotta Go Poncho features include large neck and arm openings, so you can see into the poncho and have free use of your hands while you're doing the deed, and separate pee and poop bags, both with unisex designs. The pee bag contains a foam receiver cusp and a super-absorbent polymer to "gel" your urine upon contact. The poop bag has a snug fit and "no-mis triple harness catch system."

The Gotta Go Poncho disposable toilet also comes with 2 moist cloth wipes for cleaning your bits up upon completion. The set is priced and primed for terrific $20 or less white elephant gift.

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