Zipogage - Zipper Pull Digital Thermometer

Posted: January 18, 2020
Zipogage - Compact Zipper Pull Digital Thermometer
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Is it hot in here or is it just me? Let me check my Zipogage zipper pull digital thermometer. Oh, will you look at that, 68 degrees. Once again, it's me.

Sun Company's digital version of their Zipogage gives all the bi-curious boys and girls instant access to the source of their bi-curiousity: Fahrenheit and Celsius. The large-print digital readout of the gauge is even suitable for bi-curious senior citizens who forgot their glasses.

Zippogage has a single button to turn the device on / off, and switch between F and C. It measures 1.9" long x 1.2" wide for unobtrusive latching onto the zipper pull of your favorite coat, fleece, or Mr. Rogers cardigan.

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