Vivoo At-Home Urine Test & Wellness Coach

Posted: September 04, 2022
Vivoo At-Home Urine Test & Wellness Coach
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I don't need no stinkin' Vivoo at-home urine test and app to tell me what's in my pee. I already know by the smell it's coffee, booze, and, whenever my wife makes me eat vegetables, asparagus.

When Vivoo calls itself a personalized health and wellness monitor and coach ready to dole out nutrition and lifestyle advice, it isn't taking the piss. ... Haha, sike! It is taking the piss. Your piss, which you stream onto a Vivoo strip, and then scan to the Vivoo app for an array results and recommendations, all determined by registered dietitians and powered by machine learning.

Vivoo tracks bodily wellness via bodily fluids based on 9 detectable parameters: Vitamin C; Magnesium; Salinity; Oxidative Stress; Calcium; pH; Hydration; Ketones; and Proteins. You'll see straight readings for each of these parameters whenever you pee on a Vivoo strip, as well as more detailed feedback on what they mean, and an overall wellness score for that round of testing.

The personalized coaching portion of the Vivoo app interprets urine sample results and provides nutrition and lifestyle advice to help you maintain or improve them.

Taking a Vivoo at-home urine test is pretty straightforward - unpack, pee, and scan - and results take only 90 seconds to process.

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