TheraBody SmartGoggles for Sleep, Stress & Pain Relief

Posted: March 18, 2023
TheraBody SmartGoggles for Sleep, Stress & Pain Relief
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No VR worlds lie behind TheraBody's SmartGoggles - unless that's where you go in your dreams. This high-tech headset is built to take you only to Sleep Land, plus the pockets leading up to and in between it, using proprietary SmartSense Technology and your biometric data to help you fall asleep faster, get better rest, reduce stress, ease headache and migraine pain, and generally relax.

The SmartGoggles hardware has 3 modalities, vibration, massage, and heat, each of which you can use together or separately, and adjust in intensity. You can also let TheraBody guide you through a pre-programmed Focus, SmartRelax, or Sleep mode, and customize them to your liking too. Pair the SmartGoggles to the TheraBody app to control it, as well as tap into TheraMind, "a multisensory sound therapy experience" made just for the headset and its users.

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