The Original Egg-Bot - CNC Art Robot Kit

Posted: April 08, 2017
The Original Egg-Bot - CNC Art Robot Kit

Get an Egg-Bot in time for Easter and dazzle family and friends with your precision-Sharpied eggs covered in ornate patterns, adorable chick and bunny faces, and the ultimate in egg hunters' prizes: a hard-boiled baby chicken with the big ol' mug of baby Stewie Griffin on it.

The Egg-Bot Kit is an open-source CNC robot that can deck out a ton of different spherical or oblong objects that typically turn out horrible when you try to draw or print on them. The Egg-Bot stabilizing arm holds items ranging from 1-1/4" to 4-1/4", or ping pong ball to grapefruit-sized. Try a Christmas ornament, a light bulb, a golf ball, even a wine glass to gift to your mama for Mother's Day.

The Egg-Bot Kit is DIY and takes a couple of hours to assemble, but comes with a fully assembled and tested EiBotBoard v2.0 (EBB) USB interface/motor driver board. No soldering or programming required, just a computer with USB hookup and internet access to download assembly instructions and software.

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