The FlameStower Fire-Powered Device Charger

Posted: March 22, 2016
The FlameStower Fire-Powered Device Charger

Add just 10 ounces of FlameStower weight to your pack and you'll add unlimited recharges to your small battery-powered outdoor gear. Cameras. GPS systems. Lights. Smartphones*. The FlameStower Fire Charger gathers heat energy from cooking and campfires, and sends the excess into drained USB devices.

The FlameStower consists of a folding metal stand, collapsible water reservoir, and protruding metal prong that slides into the flames of campfires, grills, or burners. As the prong heats, it transfers energy to a power generator, one side of which is submerged in the water bath to keep it cool. This temperature difference between the opposing surfaces generates electricity. Anywhere. At any time of day.

Setup takes less than a minute, and charging begins as soon as the reservoir is filled and the FlameStower is in place next to a fire source.

*Considered "outdoor gear" in the same way legs are. You just don't venture into the woods--or anywhere beyond the front door--without them.

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