Sun Token Solar Vaporizer Hybrid

Posted: March 05, 2017
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Wonder if my dermatologist would approve of this kind of baking in the sun. The Sun Token is a solar vaporizer hybrid. A handmade pipe with removable glass dome, it harnesses the sun's rays to to vape your herbs and mellow you out on cloudless days, and then burns like a traditional pipe at night, or when the gray rolls in.

To have yourself a session of solar vaping, load your Sun Token bowl, and snap the dome onto its stainless steel ring. Use the included magnifying glass to direct rays onto your dry herbs. As they heat smoke will begin to stream out and amble around the dome, lingering until your lung power draws it out. You can go in after 5 seconds, or let the flavors build for 30.

Sun Token creator Hector Campos points out that sun tokin' burns herbs at 3,000+ degrees F less than a conventional lighter, and so will taste different than you might be used to. Different in a good way though. Campos believes solar vaping makes herbs taste better since it vaporizes the herbs first, and then slowly combusts them. He also believes the process is healthier and more efficient. Not to mention prettier to look at.

That said, when there's no sun to be had, you can smoke the Sun Token like a normal pipe too. The holes drilled in its cherry wood body promote airflow and won't get clogged. A borosilicate 14mm bowl and mouthpiece hold and conduct the flow of the herbs. Campos makes all Sun Tokens from his studio in Fredericksburg, VA.

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