Structure - 3D Sensor for Mobile Devices

Posted: December 05, 2013
$349 - $379
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Occipital believes the future of computer vision is mobile. That means the company's forthcoming Structure Sensor for iPad has 3D depth--the camera attachment captures accurate, all-dimensional measurements and models in a single click. So basically I will be able to precisely record all of the best cars, girls, and portable toilets I see during my travels, patch them together back at home, and then zap them off to Shapeways to begin mass production of the World's Ultimate models of all 3. I'm going to be so rich. Particularly if those Almost Human guys get back to me about what they put inside their Androids to make them look so lifelike.

On a basic level, Structure grasps and stores dense geometry;it envelops everything in view, all at once. Users can easily accomplish tasks such as measuring entire rooms, scanning and storing 3D objects--anything from priceless sculptures to the most beautiful plate of nachos you ever saw--and simulating real-world physics. Check out the video of what Structure will bring to VR gaming devices like the Oculus Rift.

Structure Sensor has further perks to offer iOS developers, hackers, and hobbyists. From the start, its SDK will enable app creation and then instant deployment in Xcode. Occipital says developers will even be able to launch created apps immediately on the App Store. Structure will also arrive with open source drivers compatible with multiple platforms, CAD specs for building custom brackets, and an optional hacker cable for connection to any standard USB port.

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