Somewear Global Hotspot

Posted: March 27, 2019
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Somewear out there / beneath a satellite / someone's thinking of me / and texting me from the Dolomites. The Somewear Global Hotspot gives smartphones with satellite connectivity access to text messaging, GPS, and a chat app anywhere on earth. In other words, it removes your phone from the typical Yondr Pouch lockdown Mother Nature requires when you go deep into her territory.

You'll never be without your phone, without service, without access to beaming emojis to your family and friends again. How reassuring. And how depressing. Somewear calls their Global Hotspot "the peace and quiet of nature, with the peace of mind that you're not alone." At least that makes it sound a little better.

The Somewear is a rounded clip-on device that pairs your phone with the iridium satellite network. With the Somewear hotspot and mobile app you'll have worldwide access to:

  • 2-way satellite text messaging
  • Weather reporting
  • Interval location tracking
  • 24/7 SOS monitoring and support through GEOS Worldwide
  • Web app for friends and family to easily chat and view your location

Muchas danke to Bless This Stuff.

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