Scribit Write & Erase Robot

Posted: December 21, 2019
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Great! Now robots are taking over kids' jobs of drawing on the walls! The Scribit is a writing robot - writing and erasing, actually - you can program to create interactive artwork or present information on your whiteboard, glass, or standard plaster wall.

Scribit is a Carlo Ratti Associati design that requires 2 nails, a plug, and 5 minutes to set up. Once in place, the writing robot receives drawing input from an accompanying app, and gets to work replicating the piece with a set of 4 markers inserted at its center. The Scribit app comes with 1,000+ preloaded drawing choices, or you can upload your own. Scribit starter kits include 8 different marker colors, with replacements, plus additional sets of 48 colors, also available for purchase.

You can install a Scribit any surface that is 2 meters (about 6-1/2' feet) wide, as long as it is also 2 meters tall. The maximum drawing area the robartist covers is currently 6'7" x 6'5". While whiteboard, glass, and plaster are Scribit's ideal canvases, it call also draw on cinder block walls, paper, and actual canvas. However, the only surface Scribit can perform its other great trick, erasing, on is plaster walls.

Inside the Scribit is a small pod that heats up to 149 degrees F when activated. If you don't like a drawing, or just want to change it up over time, you can fire up the Scribit's erase function, and the swap-out of heat for markers as the robot runs across an existing design will remove the ink. (You can still erase a Scribit drawing from other surfaces, buy you'll have to do it by hand with a hair dryer and wet cloth.)

As a gift for the office, you can incorporate the Scribit Write & Erase Robot into presentations and think sessions, or as a retailer use it to create menus, informational displays, or store art. At home, the Scribit can transcribe creative genius - your own or others' - onto the walls, plus erase and swap it out on a weekly / daily/ hourly basis.

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