Pure Smoke

Posted: November 04, 2011
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More mysterious than how Pure Smoke works or what it's made of is why the spontaneous appearance of smoke is so cool. In other contexts, such as while baking, performing basic electrical upgrades, or 10 miles into your hike through a densely wooded forest, smoke's sudden presence doesn't so much elicit dreamy enchantment as it does "Uh oh!" But when wielded by a dark, handsome, somewhat creepy stranger in black eyeliner, it is nothing short of mesmerizing. So, Svengalis the world over, better start saving up the $20s you scam through your myriad sleights of hand because these 850+-puff packs of Pure Smoke don't come with a simple "Abracadabra!" Shipping isn't free either.

However, once the transaction is complete, from your bare hands will pour forth a thick, water-like vapor that purports to be completely safe, and the key to turning your "tricky-tricks" into true magic. Suggested uses include making smoke billow out of a lady's purse, or the shoe of an acne-ridden teenager who has just hit puberty. Amateurs and non-magicians can also command a crowd with Pure Smoke, as it supplies hours upon hours of fart joke fun.

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