PUBG Air Drop Box Humidifier

Posted: April 18, 2019
PUBG Air Drop Box Humidifier

Special delivery, PUBG fans with cracked lips, parched skin, and arid sinuses. This Air Drop is bringing some relative humidity to the Battlegrounds. The PUBG Air Drop Box Humidifier decks out your standard air irrigator with the red crate, blue cover, and black strap design of the Care Packages from the battle royales of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

The best part: you have to option to activate a red fog light on the humidifier, so the steam that comes out looks the same as the Battlegrounds smoke flare. Well, supposedly. I doubt the effect is as realistic IRL as it is on screen, or in the above PUBG Air Drop Box Humidifier photo.

The humidifier holds 250mL of water, and connects via USB to a PC, mobile batter, or other appropriate power source. One fill should last around 7 hours, though an auto-off is built in for 6 hours to prevent dry burning.

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