Pineapple Grenade Keyboard

Posted: April 21, 2021
Pineapple Grenade Keyboard

It's not that words haven't always been weapons, but this Pineapple Grenade Keyboard depicts how much easier, and deadlier, it is to use them as such today. The 25-key handheld typing companion is a fine manifestation of what happens when we fire off thoughtless comments and sentiments, unproven statements and research, and information whose only certainty is that it's going to get clicks and rile people up: a QWERTY explosion.

Indeed Pineapple Grenade Keyboard creator, Dan Bostian, pursued the idea as "an exploration of the theme Information as a Weapon." It's a follow-up to his other novelty keyboard, the F-Bomb. And while the overarching message of both is pretty dour and dystopian, they keyboards themselves are wicked. Like I said, the Pineapple Grenade Keyboard has 25 keys, 24 of which wrap around its body to form the iconic pineapple shape, and a decidedly unergonomic and impractical typing surface.

And the 25th key? I feel like that should be the "Send" button. It's a switch in the top of the grenade. Pull the pin and squeeze the lever, and you'll chuck whatever you've written into the digital landscape. BOOM!

The Pineapple Grenade Keyboard isn't available for purchase, but if you want to create your own Bostian has provided the files for 3D printing and building one on GitHub.

Muchas danke to Gizmodo.

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