Personal Mini Air Conditioner

Posted: May 24, 2014
Personal Mini Air Conditioner
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The Handy Cooler is a personal air conditioner and fan you hold in your hand and point at your face to blow a 15-knot breeze up to 30 degrees F cooler than the ambient air during stifling hot, but awesome, summer festivals and stifling hot, and tortuous, family reunions at your 3rd cousin's horse farm in O'Fallon, Illinois. Wow, Jimmy, you're right. I definitely have never seen a cross-eyed mare before.

The first evaporative cooling fan brought to market, Handy Coolers also have a rubberized base for flat surface, hands-free setup, and a 90-degree adjustable head for pointing louvers at whatever body part is outpouring the most sweat. A 30dB whisper-soft turbine makes the mini A/Cs quiet enough to use at school or in the office, as well as run while sleeping at night.

Evaporative cooling powers come courtesy of the device's included cellulose filters. Users wet a filter with water prior to flipping the On switch, and when the Handy Cooler's turbine draws hot air through it, the dampened filter drops its temperature and directs the cooled (but not misting) air out the other side. Temperature reductions from this simple process can reach up to 30 degrees F, depending on ambient temperature and humidity. However, note that the cooler works best in high heat with low humidity, so a more reasonable degree-drop range to consider before purchasing would be 10 to 15.

Handy Coolers run either on 4 x AA batteries or a USB connection.

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