Orbit1 Electroplater - Coat Anything in Metal

Posted: May 07, 2015
$1,999 - $2,199
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The Midas Touch: now available for as little as $2 per gram. 3D printing is still cool and all, but in technology years it's getting to be an old man. Between hobbyists being able to print their trinkets on desktop models and car manufacturers being able to print entire cars, Orbit1 figured we were ready for the next stage in 3D printing. What they came up with: 3D coating the 3D printing in gold. Or copper. Or nickel. Or maybe even palladium if Orbit1's Kickstarter campaign gets enough support.

Orbit1 is a countertop-sized electroplating device. Efficient and easy to use in tandem with its Android/iOS app, all kinds of makers--from jewelers to engineers to scientists--will be able to coat almost any of their designs in metal. 3D print a cool plastic ring (or trumpet, or head of Batman) and turn it into a coppery sparkler in just a couple of hours. Or, for a more practical application, print and coat your own PCBs.

Three steps take objects from 3D plain to 3D plated: 1) Clean and polish the object; 2) Spray it with Orbit1's proprietary conducive paint; 3) Attach the to Orbit1 rack, place in machine, and click start. Again, the average cost for coating is $2/gram. Orbit1's maximum plating size is 7.8" tall x 5.9" wide, so larger objects would need to be plated in segments.

Read more and get answers to FAQs on Orbit1's website and Kickstarter page--follow the link below.

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