Optimus Prime Converting Power Bank

Posted: September 11, 2017
Optimus Prime Converting Power Bank
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Straight outta HasCon: The Transformers Optimus Prime Converting Power Bank! Hasbro revealed their geek's wet dream of a charger in July, but hauled it out in person Autobot for the first time at their HasCon convention in Rhode Island over the weekend.

Commercial sales through Hasbro will begin on September 20, 2017, but for those who want to get their nimble fingers on one of the first 6500mAh Optimus Prime, enterprising HasCon attendees are currently selling off theirs on eBay. Here's one listing. A simple "Optimus Prime Power Bank" search will turn up several others.

The fearless leader of the Autobots charges devices with the same triple-jointed flair he uses to fight the Decepticons. Packed into his standard backup battery brick he'll deliver 6500mAh of additional juice to most rechargeable devices. But if you want to turn your charging session into more of a spectacle, or just need something to dick around with while you wait for an extra bar, the power bank converts from gray brick to full-color and ready-for-battle Optimus Prime in 16 steps.

Once on the scene, Optimus Prime bears a blue-Energon LED sword, which you can light up and dick around with even more via the battery power you're supposed to be saving for the phone that will inevitably die right as you open the Lyft app for a ride home.

A top Dude Gift for a Geek pick, the Transformers Optimus Prime Converting Power Bank also comes with a mobile phone stand and a micro USB / USB charging cable.

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