NightWatch Magnifying Clock Dock for Apple Watch

Posted: January 07, 2023
NightWatch Magnifying Clock Dock for Apple Watch
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I don't have an Apple Watch, so I don't need a NightWatch Magnifying Clock Dock for my Apple Watch. But. My mama has an Apple Watch. And, based on the imprints of a square with rounded edges and a little dial sticking out one side I often see on her face when I go to her house on Sunday mornings, my sense is that my mama could use a NightWatch Magnifying Clock Dock for her Apple Watch.

Yeah, I know not wearing the watch means it won't track your sleep or your sleepwalking steps, but my mama only uses hers to tell time, read messages, and yell into the speaker phone when she gets a call. So having its hours and minutes magnified and projected onto the solid lucite, mirror-finished surface of the NightWatch would be a better use of her time at night. (Teeheehee, to my pun connoisseurs out there.)

As replacement for your traditional nightstand clock, the NightWatch comes with a few benefits: 1) It consolidates two separate pieces of tech into one; 2) When your watch goes to sleep, the annoying glow of the time goes dark too, and all you have to do to wake it up is tap anywhere on the NightWatch dock; 3) It has built-in sound amplification, so if you use your Apple Watch's alarm function, you'll probably still hear it go off.

The NightWatch Clock Dock is not an Apple Watch charger, but does work in conjunction with the one that comes with it.

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