Luxafor Flag Availability Indicator

Posted: September 24, 2020
Luxafor Flag Availability Indicator
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The Luxafor Flag is an LED status indicator that clips onto your workstation where you can toggle it from red to green to let your coworkers - ha! Coworkers? No, these days the Luxafor Flag is for communicating your current availability to your kids, your wife, your husband, your dog Louie, and your cat Zanzibar. You know, those you live with who seem to think that because you're perpetually at home, you're also perpetually free to talk to them, read to them, opine on remodeling the living room with them, pet them, and play human jungle gym to them.

A green Luxafor Flag glowing from your laptop signals you are, in fact, game for the above, while a red Luxafor Flag tells them to zip it and move along.

The LED status indicator also has a few more features, including a timer and optional integration with productivity and notification apps, such as Skype, Trello, and your email.

If your prefer to shine your status in purple or blue or orange instead of red and green, or create a complete spectrum of your various statuses throughout the day (e.g., free, busy, hungry, in need of back rub) the Luxafor Flag comes with 6 LED colors you can flick between, as well as options for brightness adjustment and strobing.

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