LINNER Nova Bluetooth Hearing Aids for Talk & TV

Posted: September 25, 2022
$179 - $219
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Most Bluetooth earbuds help dudes and ladies tune the world out, but LINNER's Nova Bluetooth earbuds help them tune it in. The LINNER Nova is a set of Bluetooth hearing aids that enhance and filter the sounds of voices and TV. They'll prove, once and for all, that it's not you who's talking too soft or mumbling, but Dad and Grandpa who just can't hear shit.

And maybe, given that LINNER Nova look just like AirPods and other popular earbuds, Pops and PawPaw won't let their pride get in the way of giving them a try.

In addition to the elderly, LINNER Nova are sound solutions for people with up to severe hearing loss for other reasons. Their built-in high-speed chipset captures ambient sound at a 16KHz sampling rate, and separates human voice from background sound, while a two-mic beamforming technology suppresses sounds coming in from the left and right, so wearers can focus on those directed from the front. Essentially, the hearing aids filter out the background noise while keeping the human voices you want to hear sounding natural and clear. Conversations, be they at home, in restaurants, or in meetings, become easier.

To help with televised content consumption, LINNER Nova's included Connect Transmitter serves as a TV adapter or wireless microphone so you can receive sounds streaming from any multimedia device with an AUX port directly into the hearing aids.

NOVA earbuds have 4 audio modes, including Dialogue and Outdoor, to accommodate the various environments where you'll use them. At printing, LINNER was in the production phase of their Nova Bluetooth hearing aids, and offering them at an early bird discount to backers here on IndieGoGo.

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