LELO F1s Developer's Kit - SDK-Available Sextech

Posted: February 17, 2021
LELO F1s Developer's Kit - SDK-Available Sextech
$164 - $219
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Geeks have the best sex. Or if they didn't before, LELO's F1s Developer's Kit, a male masturbator with an SDK-available sextech console, is here to make sure they do now. Even if it's all by themselves.

Those who want to give the F1s Developer's Kit a rub will also receive an exclusive LELO app for iOS and Android, and can download the SDK for both platforms from the LELO website. Programmers can then dabble, and diddle, around with the F1s dual motors, Cruise Control, and LELO SenSonic technology in a quest to become the true masters of their domain.

The F1s purpose and prowess is to massage your member "with deeply satisfying sonic waves for an entirely new, completely mind-blowing sexual experience." Using the SDK you'll be able to customize the masturbator's internal sensors to create your own personalized feels.

And for the non-programmer dudes out there, you can still come to the party, and all throughout it, using the standard settings on the F1s masturbation station. Or, hey, maybe an engineer-your-own-pleasure sex toy is just the motivation you need to learn a new skill.

One final thoughtful detail LELO has added to their F1s design to help push it over the edge as one of the best male masturbatory aids out there is a window. A window to your soul. And by soul, I mean cock. The shaft of the shaft hugger has a clear panel to ensure you'll be able to see the F1s' chicken-chokin' action as intensely as you feel it.

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