Ledger Nano S - Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet

Posted: March 10, 2019
Ledger Nano S - Crypto Asset Hardware Wallet
$48 - $59
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Since there's no reason not to trade cryptocurrency in style, the Ledger Nano S crypto asset hardware wallet also comes in Jade Green, Lagoon Blue, Saffron Yellow, and, oooh, Flamingo Pink.

Updated with with firmware version 1.4, Ledger's Nano S crypto wallet gives users a simple and secure channel for sending and receiving crypto assets. It can run 5 to 18 applications simultaneously, and supports 30+ cryptocurrencies and hundreds of ERC20 tokens. Data and access protection comes via an isolated Secure Chip, the same used in passports and credit cards, further locked down by your 8-digit PIN code.

Ledger Nano S devices have a 2-button control on the outside, with all actions shown on the device's screen. Crypto accounts are backed up on a recovery sheet, which you can restore on any Ledger device.

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