LAVO Hybrid Hydrogen Battery for Home & Office Power

Posted: January 25, 2021
LAVO Hybrid Hydrogen Battery for Home & Office Power
$22,700 - $26,800
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I'd like to say LAVO deserves a resounding "Bravo!" - or at least a fist bump - for becoming what its Australian creators call "The world's first integrated hybrid hydrogen battery that combines with rooftop solar to deliver sustainable, reliable and renewable green energy to your home and business." But while LAVO's 40KWh of electrical storage capacity, and green functionality are impressive, the hydrogen battery's price is still waaaay out of range for those of us who didn't get Bezos billions richer during the pandemic.

LAVO connects to a solar inverter and your water main, acting as a solar sponge to pull in power from the former, and creating hydrogen using water from the latter. Hydrogen is then stored in LAVO's patented metal hydride, where it can live long-term until you need the system to convert it into power. LAVO estimates the battery can hold around 2 days of power for the average Australian home. Which is funny because, again, the people who can afford to buy a LAVO probably do not live in the average Australian home.

LAVO batteries are about the size of, oh, I'd say one of those panels on an airplane the cuts off the people in coach from the ones in first class (i.e., the ones who probably can't afford a LAVO from the ones who probably can). They were designed with architectural aesthetics in mind, minimal and clean in appearance.

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