Keg-a-Droid Remote Control Beer Robot

Posted: June 03, 2019
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This is definitely the droid I'm looking for. The Keg-a-Droid from SuperDroid Robots is a remote control beer bitch built to haul a sixth barrel keg right up to the empty pint glasses of all the thirsty boys and girls at the party.

Or, like, me alone at my computer playing Fortnite.

The listing here is for a preassembled Keg-a-Droid (the 'bot builders at SuperDroid also sell a ton of nifty robot kits and parts for DIY projects.) It will arrive tested and ready to roll and your control.

Keg-a-Droid (not to be confused with BeerDroid) is a 2WD robot consisting of a half barrel keg outer shell with its top removed and a drain installed at the bottom. The shell holds a 1/6 barrel, with the remaining space to be filled with ice to keep your keg cold. When the ice melts, just unplug the drain to let the water out, and refill. The prebuilt Keg-a-Droid also comes with a tap mounting post, keg tap system, and drip tray.

The Keg-a-Droid's pair of IG42 24VDC 240RPM gear motors are powered by two 12V, 7Ahr lead acid batteries. Together, they can transport your brew to you at a rate of 75 feet per minute. You'll get a Spektrum DX5e RC transmitter and Sabertooth 2x12 RC motor controller in the package to conduct the Keg-a-Droid's motion and path.

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