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Posted: December 16, 2013
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While it sounds like something Batman would be called upon to save the world from, Brunton's Hydrogen Reactor is actually an innocuous, albeit robust, deliverer of power to portable devices. It's a piece of scientific splendor that intermingles hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity from anywhere, and under any condition.

Hydrogen Reactors are about the size of the average man's hand--or palm if you're particularly well-endowed, as I am--and extract their power from Hydrocore fuel cells. Fuel cells are about the size of the average man's third finger--or eleventh finger if you're particularly unlucky, as I most definitely am not--and are stable, safe, clean and airplane-approved for use. Once locked into the Reactor, the cells can juice up USB devices ranging from smartphones, tablet computers, and portable game consoles, to UV water purifiers, rechargeable lights, and GPS transceivers. Each Hydrocore contains as much power as a fistful of batteries.

That's an official measurement, courtesy of Brunton.

Hydrogen Reactors come with a "Buy it. Try it. Bust it." guarantee. Use one in the rain, the snow, the space between your car tire and the ground, and if something destroys or malfunctions it, Brunton will send you a new one.

Hydrogen Reactor packages include 2 Hydrocores, and the buyer's choice of a black, orange, or yellow shell.

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