Holus Interactive Holographic Display

Posted: June 27, 2015
$450 - $530
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Holus shows you your board game. Your model. Your mama. In a form condensed to the size of your tabletop, enhanced to 3 dimensions, and manipulated by the powers of technology and Grayskull into a holographic image. Holus converts any digital content from a computer, tablet, or smartphone into a 3D hologram that's viewable from 4 different angles, and nearly as interactive as it would be if it were truly right there in front of you.

Available in Home and Pro editions, Holus designers H+ Technology hope their system will take home entertainment systems to the next level, enhance business proceedings, contribute to educational pursuits, and help those far apart feel closer together. The Holos Pro also give developers an opportunity to create their own holographic experiences with its included HDMI port and SDK tool.

Some feats of tech Holus can do with and for you:

  • Host game night. Play with those present and remote, exploring the 3D world of characters and environment the Holus pyramid lays before you.
  • Feel closer to loved ones with 3D holographic teleconferencing.
  • Visualize models, their scales, ratios, and details before 3D printing.
  • Use an Emotiv Brain Sensor to control objects in Holus with your mind.
  • Connect Holus to other input devices, such as Leap Motion, and use gesture recognition to interact directly and naturally with the content.
  • Use voice command to interact with Omi, the first holographic-like personal assistant.

Read more about Holus on Kickstarter, and pledge through July 10, 2015 to own one of the first of these 3D holographic displays.

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