HID SIPS Water Dispensing Lamp

Posted: June 22, 2022
$49 - $69
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I wouldn't go so far as to call HID SIPS' Water Dispensing Lamp genius, but I do think it rises above both the useless gadget and unnecessary invention categories. And while I usually keep my bedtime water in the bathroom, since I am an old man now and have to get up to pee at least once every night, I am sure tons of people keep their filled cups and bottles on the nightstand to quench 2 a.m. thirsts and moisten throats dry from mouth breathing.

Or they mean to, but forget, and end up waking to the conundrum of getting up to get a glass, or suffering through it because getting up is hard. It also creates the risk of not being able to fall back asleep, or waking the sleeping dragon that is their bedmate.

HID SIPS hopes to solve all nighttime hydration problems with their Water Dispensing Lamp, which is...a lamp...that dispenses...water. Bedside.

The lamp's functionality as a water dispenser is about as straightforward as its functionality as a lamp: it comes with a flexible food-grade tube you thread into a gallon-sized water jug, a water bladder, or other filled vessel (2L Fanta? Handle of whiskey?) and uses a pump system to pull the liquid up, and pour it out of a nozzle up top, right into your empty awaiting glass.

Access your water via the push of a drop-labeled dispensing button on the back of the lamp base. (The lamp's light switch is installed on the electrical cord to avoid confusing it with the dispenser button.)

The HID SIPS Water Dispensing Lamp comes with its own lampshade, but is designed to fit a variety of shades, hopefully yours if you want to swap them out.

Learn more about the HID SIPS Water Dispensing Lamp, and pledge for one of your own here on Kickstarter through July 9, 2022.

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