heat it Smartphone-Powered Bug Bite Healer

Posted: June 06, 2023
heat it Smartphone-Powered Bug Bite Healer
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I don't always need a heat it smartphone-powered bug bite healer, but when I do, I need it dos equis more than I need anything else in life at that moment. The red bumps, the tortuous itch, the ability of mosquitos to bite me on the top of my foot or dead center of my back - you know, somewhere extremely unpleasant to reach for regular scratching, especially in bed at night - it's enough to make a dude claw his skin raw and gouge out craters in his body, because persistent pain is better than persistent prickling.

Plus, then I have an excuse to put on a Bob Ross Bandage.

heat it calls itself, "Your solution for annoying insect bites," and if this battery-free, chemical-free, infinite-use smartphone gadget really works, my mini torch and Glow Rhino Pry Bar better make room on the keychain. The bug bite healer is moving in.

Available as an iPhone or Android attachment, the heat it eases the itching and pain of bites by heating affected skin areas to 124 degrees F for a few seconds. This process is called local hyperthermia, wherein nerves in the skin react to the heat impulse by reducing the transmission of stimuli - in this case, the itching signal. heat it says the method has been medically proven, and their bug bite healer is a certified medical product, with clinical evaluations done at the Charite Hospital in Berlin.

heat it is made to alleviate pain and itching symptoms of mosquito, bee and wasp, and horsefly bites. Once plugged into your smartphone charging port, the heat it app opens guides you through its use. Treatment times range between 4 and 9 seconds, depending on your age and type of bite. The heat it is safe for use on anyone ages 4 and up.

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