Fully Functional Palm-Size Cannon

Posted: July 16, 2015
Fully Functional Desktop Cannon

Nope, it doesn't just shoot spitballs. This 1:32 scale replica of the Civil War-era Field Howitzer cannons sucks up and then blows back out good old booming black powder and BBs. With the help of a piece of firecracker fuse. You still have a few of those lying around from the 4th of July, right?

The fully functional miniature cannon mimics the Howitzers built to launch projectiles at a higher trajectory and steep angle of descent. They had a 400-yard range with exploding shell and canister rounds. Yours won't carry ammo quite that far, but it's a pretty fair exchange given this Field Howitzer's 2.2-ounce versus the real thing's 1700-pound weight, and $75 versus...well, they might have cost $75 back then too, but that's at least, like $20 grand in today's dollars...price tag.

The replica cannon's carriage is made of precision laser-cut wood that's been bolted together just like the original. The barrel has a CNC-machined brass construction. At 2.5" high x 1.75" wide, it's not only small enough to sit on your desktop, but small enough to sit in the palm of your hand. Probably best not to fire it from there though.

The miniature Field Howitzer is rated .177 caliber and functions with black powder or the equivalent, a BB, and any fuse 1.8mm or smaller. The set also includes a sold brass ramrod and detailed firing instructions.

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