Freewrite Traveler Ghost Transparent Digital Typewriter

Posted: November 30, 2023
Freewrite Traveler Ghost Transparent Digital Typewriter
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Freewrite calls their special edition Traveler Ghost a "portable drafting device," but I think "typewriter" is a better word, because it's simpler, and doesn't detract from the real star of this clickety-click show: a clear body and transparent keys that remind you of the see-through telephones and Crystal Pepsi from the 90s!

Actually, Freewrite deems their Traveler Ghost a nod to "the futuristic tech of Y2K and beyond." I guess I can see that too. But my retro loyalty and comparisons will always lie in the decade before the turn of the millennium. The decade when I became a man, but my mama still cooked me dinner every night, and did my laundry, and didn't give me a hard time about still living in her house.

Freewrite's Traveler, both the original and Ghost editions, is intended for writers and thinkers looking to compose without distractions. It does not have a browser, won't receive your emails, and doesn't support apps or send you constant notifications, so you can focus on your ideas and your flow. And perhaps the Traveler Ghost's clearness will help you think even more clearly.

Once your fingers are finished puking onto the screen of the Traveler Ghost, it does have the ability to sync wirelessly to the cloud, so you can export your musings and drafts into the software program of your choice for editing and refinement later.

Complementing the Traveler Ghost's transparent aesthetic are a full-size, scissor-switch keyboard, E Ink Display, and latest generation E Ink panel with productivity console screen.

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