Frame AI Glasses

Posted: February 12, 2024
Frame AI Glasses
  • Frame AI Glasses
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Introducing Frame by Brilliant Labs: not just a pair of glasses but your next-gen sidekick cloaked in eyewear form. With its sleek design available in Smokey Black, Cool Gray, and H20, Frame isn't just about making a fashion statement; it's about redefining the boundaries between technology and style. This piece of futuristic eyewear comes packed with AI capabilities right out of the box, ensuring that whether you're sporting them as your daily spectacles or as your go-to gadget for workbench tinkering, Frame is geared up for the adventure.

But here's where it gets even more interesting. Frame is as smart as it is stylish, offering a bright microOLED display through a geometric prism optic for an immersive ~20-degree field of view. And for those worried about fitting in, fear not! Designed to accommodate a wide range of inter-pupillary distances and weighing in at just under 40g, Frame promises comfort alongside its cutting-edge features. Plus, with an all-day battery life when paired with Mister Power (its very own fast-charging buddy), you're all set for day-long exploration without the hassle of frequent charging. Frame truly stands out by being open source, inviting tinkerers and tech enthusiasts to dive into its design files and code, available on Github. Ready to leap into a world where fashion meets function in the most brilliant way? Frame's got you covered.

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