Fingerprint Padlock

Posted: December 28, 2018
Fingerprint Padlock

Fair warning: there are a bunch of fingerprint padlocks out there, and they all come with mixed reviews. Some on their biometric reliability, some on their shoddy, poorly translated instructions, and some on their super sketchy app, the latter of which is required to get the locks set up and programmed with the fingerprints you want approved to open it.

In this case, the RoMech fingerprint padlock can store up to 15 different fingerprints and, no, you don't need your phone around to unlock it. (Though you can also use the phone instead of your print to do the deed if it's nearby and Bluetooth-connected.) The hardware consists of an aluminum alloy lock body and stainless steel lock beam. The lock's mechanical and electrical components are protected with an IP65 waterproof rating.

RoMech's fingerprint padlock is USB rechargeable, and it's 300mAh lithium battery can go up to 1 year on standby, or lock and unlock over 2,500 times before a recharge is needed. If the battery dies, the lock will just stay locked - connect it to a power supply to resume normal use.

The fingerprint padlock is suitable for use indoors and out, at the gym, on a shed or cabinet door, fence gates, bikes, and storage boxes. If you can convince your mailman and UPS guy to stick around for a few minutes to record their fingerprints, the biometric lock-up tool might be a rival choice to the BoxLock for securing packages on the front porch.

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