FIN - Numeric Keypad & Gesture Interface Ring

Posted: February 19, 2014
$99 - $169
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FIN is a thumb ring. It's way less intimidating than a pinky ring, but if intimidation isn't your primary motive, FIN can do several hi-tech, gadgety things, some of which you may find even more useful than making the guy behind you at the mini mart keep his distance and feel very afraid. In combination with Low Energy Technology, such as Bluetooth, FIN can turn your thumb into a magic wand and its corresponding palm into a numerical keypad and touch interface for smart device control.

FIN creates a intuitive means of controlling anything from smart TVs to smartphones to music players with natural gestures of the hand. Turning the wearer's palm into a touchpad, thumbs will be able to dial numbers, send texts, change the channel, take quick notes, skip songs, and share data with a simple swipe. Fin could be particularly useful to visually challenged people who already sense the world through touch.

FIN's creators believe the ring will circumvent many of the problems with existing wearable technology options, namely the easily garbled and somewhat socially awkward method of instruction input via voice commands. FIN maintains the simplicity of a single, portable device, but with its ability to track accurate movements of the thumb both on the palm, as well as each part of each finger, it also aims to increase the ease and accuracy of wearable tech use.

FIN seeks crowdfunding support on Indiegogo through February 22, 2014, and has already reached its $100,000 goal, so production should be underway to meet the September 2014 anticipated delivery date. The ring's planned specs include a flexible fit and waterproof construction, a Li Po custom battery with a weeklong charge, and compatibility with Windows, iOS, and Android.

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