Electrical Storm Dual USB Power Adapter

Posted: June 11, 2016
Electrical Storm Dual USB Power Adapter
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This is what my mama always told me would happen inside my body if I stuck my finger in an electrical outlet. It actually looks pretty cool. If she hadn't also told me it would fry my brains like a skillet of bacon and make my intestines shoot out my belly button before killing me so I could never eat ice cream again, I probably would have tried it.

This internal electrical storm, however, belongs not to a human body, but a 2-amp USB power outlet adapter. Momen's charger has a pair of USB ports suitable for mobile phones, tablets, and any other USB device. Its 1A / 2A output allows for plugging in an iPhone and iPad simultaneously without sacrificing charging speed.

The deliberate cracks in the adapter's opaque exterior coating allow your choice of blue or green LED light to glow through as a sea of lightning during use. Which not only provides spiffy visuals, but also a means of finding your charger in the dark.

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