Earthing Universal Grounding Mat

Posted: December 08, 2022
Earthing Universal Grounding Mat
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Earthling, meet Earthing, makers of so-called "grounding mats" intended to replicate the effects of walking barefoot on the bare earth. Not the feeling, mind, you, but the effects. Oh yeah, dudes, someone call Gwyneth, because we're about to get real woo-woo here.

Created by Clint Ober, the Earthing brand operates under the assumption that earth's electrons flow into your body when you make a skin-to-soil connection with it. This is called "grounding," and Ober believes it does wonders for your health, easing maladies ranging from inflammation and pain, to anxiety, to insomnia and poor sleep. Earthing Grounding Mats attempt to bring these earthly powers indoors, using vegan leather vinyl-free PU resin, a 15' cord, a US Safety Adapter, and a grounded outlet.

Once plugged in, Ober claims an Earthing Grounding Mat will send the same symbiotic levels of electrons into your body as Her Highness Mother Earth does, and therefore provide the same calming and problem-solving benefits.

Curiously, Earthing also claims their Grounding Mats do not use electricity, which given their connection to a cord leading into an outlet, I do not understand, but, hey, I'm no electrical engineer here. Maybe this US Safety Adapter thing that serves as conduit between the outlet and the cord cuts off the bzzzt! but allows the ahhh to flow.

Shown above is the Earthing Universal Grounding Mat, measuring 12.5" x 29". It's a mid-size mat you can move around your home or office to use wherever and whenever you need it. In the kitchen while you're cooking, at your desk while you're working, in bed while you're sleeping, even on the crapper while you're...yeah. And you don't have to stand barefoot on it. Feel free to pop a squat on it, lie down on it, or slip the Grounding Mat under your laptop to rest your arms on it.

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