DearBuds SE - Wearable Ear Dehumidifier

Posted: June 27, 2022
$64 - $119
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Waterlogged ears from swimming or showering? Sweaty canals from a tough workout? Victim of yet another Wet Willy? The DearBuds SE is a wearable ear dehumidifier that is, first of all, not a joke, and, second of all, designed to suck all the water, sweat, and spittle out of your ear in less than 3 minutes.

Maybe excessive humidity in your ears is not a conscious problem for you - especially amidst the many, many problems we're all dealing with these days - but apparently various water-based and sweat-producing activities, plus the extended wear of earbuds, causes excessive moisture buildup and high humidity levels in your ears. This causes them to make more earwax, become itchier, and may lead to hearing impairment. According to DearBuds maker, Linkface, the CDC recommends drying out damp ears, and using a blow dryer, rather than a cotton swab, to do it, due to the latter's likelihood of damaging sensitive ear parts.

But Linkface points out a blow dryer is loud and hot, and can be just as uncomfortable for sensitive ear parts. So, yeah, they made a special gadget to do the dehumidification job instead.

DearBuds uses air ventilation technology and gentle heat to dry out damp ears. Linkface says it's a delicate process, circulating air without discomfort, and reducing humidity to an optimal level, around 49%. The DearBuds device pairs with a DearBuds app to show you the process and its progress, tracking elevated starting humidity levels, and their fall back to normal. The app has smart and manual modes. Smart mode uses data from both the ambient environment and your ears, plus allows you to select the activity that got your ears all hot and wet in the first place, to dehumidify them.

Learn more about DearBuds SE, plus pledge for one, or a pair, of the wearable ear dehumidifiers of your own, here on Kickstarter through August 5, 2022.

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